Current changes of Moscow's fresh tomato market in 2020

Current changes of Moscow's fresh tomato market in 2020
Date of issue: December, 2020
A short analytical note for Kedr Greenhouse Complex investment project

The year 2020 is proving to be a challenging year for Russian vegetable producers in general, and for tomato producers, particularly in protected soil. The greenhouse business, its earnings and financial stability have been affected by several serious factors at once.

Certainly, the most part of shocks is the net effect of lockdown on a background of the world pandemic COVID-19 and recession of demand because of it. However degree of influence of each factor and forecasts of change of such influence in the next 1-2 years on greenhouse branch, according to analysts of Growth Technology Company, differ significantly. Moreover, some of them, contrary to popular opinion, were much weaker in Russia and especially in the Moscow region in 2020 than could be expected earlier.

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