Consultations and presentations

Leading specialists and experts of Growth Technology research company conduct personal consultations on innovative agricultural business topics. Greenhouse vegetable growing, floriculture, green and seedling business, mushroom cultivation, berry growing in open and protected ground, intensive horticulture, construction of modern fruit storage facilities are the key areas of marketing knowledge and deep industry experience of Growth Technology.

Consultations are held both in online format (using Skype, Zoom and other video conferencing systems) and offline at personal meetings in Moscow.

At the time of personal consultations our experts will answer any marketing questions on the abovementioned industries both for individual regions and in Russia as a whole, including:

  • capacity and potential of the industry market,
  • balance of supply and demand in a specific industry market,
  • features of imports and exports: dynamics, prices, supplies, forecasts,
  • level of competition, major producers, their strengths and weaknesses,
  • parity of prices in wholesale and retail, price policy of leading market players,
  • technological innovations in the industry, leading suppliers of equipment and technology,
  • government support for the industry and new projects,
  • financial performance in the industry,
  • distribution of various hybrids and varieties from producers and wholesalers,
  • consumer preferences that affect pricing and revenue,
  • industry development forecasts, changes in the level of competition, price forecasts.

The format of consultations will be suitable for:

  • initiators of new projects in innovative agriculture,
  • potential investors in large and medium agricultural projects;
  • managers of existing agricultural enterprises;
  • commercial banks, audit companies and insurance agencies, whose goal is a general overview and deep understanding of risks and prospects of investments in the domestic agricultural market.

The cost of consultations is 7 500 rubles per hour for online consultations and 10 000 rubles per hour for field consultations in Moscow.

As an additional service we offer preparation of Presentations both on the basis of a custom report "Growth Technology" and on the basis of documents and information of the customer.

The format of presentations will be suitable for:

  • initiators or investors of new projects in innovative agriculture to provide the bank or administration with brief information in a convenient format,
  • industry associations, commercial banks, which aim at a general, brief overview of trends and prospects of the domestic agricultural market.

An example of such presentation is "Fresh Tomatoes in Moscow Retail: Sales Volume, Assortment Matrix, Prices and Origin - Results 2018", "Fresh Cucumbers in Moscow Retail: Sales Volume, Assortment Matrix, Prices, Packaging and Origin - Results 2018". To order a consultation or prepare an award, please contact our contact specialists.