Marketing support

Leading specialists of Growth Technology have many years of successful experience in all areas of marketing and deep knowledge of the peculiarities of doing business in the agricultural sector of Russia. The expert opinion of our experts is used by leading commercial banks in determining the creditworthiness and commercial viability of agricultural projects for credit line approval. Investors of agro-industrial complex use market research, information reviews and industry forecasts of Growth Technology when choosing investment directions and locations for new projects.

Our company acts as a marketing consultant and supports implementation of investment-intensive agrarian projects at the stage of design, construction, launch and current economic activities of technological enterprises, providing operational market data at each stage. This allows investors, creditors and managers to "keep a hand on the pulse" of all changes, take into account the actions of competitors and importers in the formation of their own tactics.

Growth Technology can act as a marketing intermediary between agricultural investors and credit organizations, prepare presentations of new projects, conduct personal consultations.

To order marketing support for your project or working enterprise, please contact our specialists.