Marketing audit

Marketing concepts of new agrarian projects and sales strategies for made products of working agricultural enterprises in a competitive market are of great importance for the financial success of business.

Growth Technology team includes marketers with years of experience in developing, implementing and calculating the effectiveness of marketing business models that will help top managers and business owners to identify weaknesses in the market concept of enterprises and increase their strengths.

Marketing audit is conducted on the basis of detailed analysis of sales strategy, pricing policy and comparative price analysis with market offers, comparison of assortment range with current consumer demand, pre-sale preparation of finished products, useing of packaging. The audit examines the sales channels and the geography of sales, as well as ways to support and promote the brand, offset methods from competitors.

Based on the results of the marketing audit, a detailed report is made with conclusions and recommendations aimed at strengthening the market position and improving the financial performance of the enterprise under analysis.

Marketing audit can be useful:

  • top-managers of working enterprises for reception of external recommendations and optimization of market strategy,
  • to business owners to assess the effectiveness of management performance, the behavior of the enterprise in the market and to analyze its competitive strength,
  • to potential investors or buyers of the business to obtain an independent opinion on its commercial viability in the current market conditions,
  • credit organizations to understand the current market position of the project, marketing performance and risks of non-repayment of the issued loan.

To order a marketing audit of your company, please contact our specialists.