Where are price trends in fresh vegetables Russian market going to?


On May 28, leading experts of Growth Technology took part in an online conference dedicated to problems and risks of industrial greenhouse management in force majeure. The business meeting was organized by Seymartec Company.

The main topic for discussion was the report "Price Trends for Greenhouse Vegetables in 2020", prepared by our analysts on the basis of conducted market research. A significant decrease in the solvency of the population and consumer demand in the conditions of the pandemic led to a fall in selling prices for cucumbers and tomatoes grown in greenhouses in winter. In March and especially in April, the average wholesale prices were already 30% ... 40% below last year's level.

At the same time, consumer prices fell by only 8% ... 10% compared to spring 2019. This fact confirms that retailers in Russia, even in the conditions of COVID-19, managed to maintain profitability of their sales in this segment by applying a strict purchasing policy of low prices to producers and wholesalers.

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