Consumer prices of tomatoes and cucumbers remained at the level of last year's


According to operational data of government statistics, consumer prices of fresh cucumbers and tomatoes remained approximately at the same level, as the last year. So, if for July 2, 2018 the cost of cucumbers was 73,3 rubles/kg, then a year ago on July 3, 2017 this price was equal to 73,4 rubles/kg on average in Russia. Consumer prices of fresh tomatoes were on July 2, 2018 - 99,5 rubles/kg, and 112,7 rub/kg a year ago, that is is 13% higher. At the same time on average in a week from June 26 to July 3, 2017 they were lower, and 97,2 rubles/kg are equal that practically coincides with similar week value of the current 2018. That is at the beginning of July, 2017 consumer prices had an uncharacteristic jump by which it is impossible to be guided in the analysis.

According to analysts of "Growth Technology", in the first half of summer the producers' prices only of the most budgetary groups of grades of tomatoes (red and round, average size) fall quickly. Pressure upon the market offer and reduction of prices renders active harvesting.

Tomatoes, unlike cucumbers, in the majority of modern greenhouses havw got the technological break in August, and now there is an active collecting harvests in all greenhouses that presses on the market offer and gradually leads to drop in prices. Tomatoes of the open ground will be collected in large quantities at the end of June and July in the southern regions. Import of tomatoes in comparison with last year has grown, but it is very far from those volumes which were delivered to us in 2014 - 2015.