Tomatoes are the most dynamic crop in protected soil


Tomatoes are the second largest crop in terms of production among commercial producers grown in protected soil in the Russian Federation. The first place is traditionally occupied by cucumbers, although in the last 5 years their contribution to greenhouse yields has decreased markedly.

While in 2010 - 2015 the share of tomatoes in the gross yield of industrial and farmer greenhouses barely approached 30%, by the results of the last 2020 the assortment of domestic greenhouses consisted of 40% of tomatoes of different varieties.

Even more significant was the growth of tomato production in absolute value. Studies of the tomato industry show that over the past 10 years the gross yield of tomatoes in protected soil of commercial producers has increased by 3.4 times, while cucumbers - only by 2.1 times.

The main suppliers of non-seasonal tomatoes to the Russian market were industrial greenhouses as part of agricultural organizations. In 2020 they were able to grow almost 600 thousand tons of tomatoes. According to Growth Technology experts, the results of the current year 2021 will be even more impressive.