Russian market of fresh vegetables: division on mass and a premium segments accelerates



The domestic market of greenhouse vegetables increases the speed and surely moves towards the perfect competition. Last 2017 has shown increase in consumption of fresh tomatoes and cucumbers more than for 20% in comparison with failure the 2016th. The Russian greenhouses have collected 13% more vegetables, and import deliveries have grown by 11%.


Increase in sales proposition of fresh vegetables during off-season has led to stabilization of wholesale and retail prices, on the one hand, and with another - to expansion of opportunities for the choice of Russians. The modern consumer even more often wants to buy not just a cucumber and to choose the most appetizing and fresh, and at the same time at reasonable price. The value of the price as main criterion at the choice of fresh production remains only in a mass segment whereas noticeable growth shows a premium segment. There is the main motives of the consumer choice are taste, a smell, color, freshness, packing and fashion.


Vegetables snacks in mini-packings became one of "fashionable" tendencies. First signs in this segment were cherry tomatoes which have firstly appeared in the Russian network shops 10 years ago, and have already gained high popularity among consumers. Now in retail there are even more often cocktail cucumbers, pepper and even eggplants no more than 7 - 9 cm in size and weighing 40-50 grams. By calculations of "Growth Technology" analysts, the prices of vegetables snacks are 4-5 times higher, than on standard, and volumes of their sales, certainly, several orders lower. Mass production of premium segment mini-vegetables in Russia for the present has too high risks, however they can become the excellent supplementing product to a traditional line of industrial greenhouses with good marginality.


In more detail about features of consumer behavior and new tendencies in greenhouse business it is possible to find information in the researches "Greenhouse Business of Russia" and "Greenhouse Vegetables, Salads and Greens".