Import of fresh vegetables to Russia rises up


Last 2017 has shown cardinal change of a trend to decrease in dependence of the Russian market on resh vegetables and fruit supply from abroad which has developed in the last 3 years. In comparison with 2016, the volume of fresh-import has increased by 1,5 million tons in total.

The most rapid growth has happened in a segment of fresh potatoes: Its delivery in natural indicators last year was nearly 3 times more, than in 2016. Import of onions and garlic has increased twice, delivery of a white cabbage has became 1,5 times more. Such sharp jump of vegetables' import is explained by an unimportant harvest in the open ground owing to adverse weather conditions of last year.

The situation in a segment of greenhouse vegetables is represented much more interesting. Despite significant increase in gross collecting in the protected soil thanks to the beginning of work at once of several large greenhouse projects in 2016 - 2017, import of tomatoes and cucumbers has appeared more, than previous indicators for 8% and 9%, respectively last year. And in terms of money the gain of import in 2017 was even more powerful: 10% and 13%.

These figures indicate gradual restoration of solvent Russian consumer demand for fresh nonseasonal vegetables, even in the conditions of the low average per capita income of the most part of the population.

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