Expenditure on fruit and vegetables ranks second in the consumer basket of Russians


The structure of the population's consumption of basic foodstuffs depends on many factors, the main ones being retail prices, local cuisine traditions, physical availability of certain categories of products and the degree of urbanisation in the region. Over the past 3 years, the rapid spread of healthy eating habits among urban dwellers has become a strong determinant, guiding consumers to regularly purchase fresh vegetables, greens, fruits and berries.

Despite outstripping price increases for fresh produce during the off-season, Russians are consistently increasing their purchases of fruit and vegetables, both in physical and monetary terms. For example, in Moscow, the increase in consumption of fresh vegetables over the last year was almost 5 kilograms per person, fruit and berries - by 1.2 kg. According to Growth Technology's calculations, all Russians in the same period have increased consumption of fruit and berries by 1.6 kg.

In total, our compatriots spend more than 20% of all money intended for foodstuffs on fruit, vegetables and berries. More is spent only on meat and meat products (about 30% of the total expenditure).

Intensive development of our own commercial production of vegetables in open and protected ground, horticulture and berry-growing contributes to the growing consumption of ultra-fresh products among Russians.