Gross harvest in protected ground exceeded 1.3 million tons of vegetables and greenery in 2019


Gross harvest of greenhouse vegetables in Russian greenhouse plants over the past 20 years (from 2000 to 2019) increased by 2.4 times, which is a phenomenal result in the Russian economy. In 2019 alone, even taking into account the very high base of the previous period, the annual growth of yields of commodity producers was a record 17%. The total gross yield of vegetables and greenery in protected soil of Russian commodity producers exceeded the iconic figure of 1.3 million tons.

This year, according to analysts of Growth Technology, yields in industrial and farm greenhouses are expected to grow, although the growth rate will drop to 8%-9% per annum. Negative pressure on the branch is exerted by reduction of state support and reduction of the total number of new large investment projects. The upward trend will be ensured by reaching the full capacity of already built large greenhouse complexes, continuing reconstruction of old greenhouses and the beginning of the planned second and third stages of new greenhouses. The coronovirus pandemic will strengthen the intentions of potential investors to launch industrial greenhouses projects in the Far East and Siberia.

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