Russian Agracultural Bank became the main creditor of vegetable growing in protected soil


Implementation of new vegetable greenhouses projects is impossible without significant financial resources and "long" credit money. It takes about 2.5 billion rubles to launch a 10 hectare greenhouse complex, and the payback period usually reaches 8-10 years. The government helps greenhouse investors with preferential rates for long-term loans, and last autumn the lending period was increased from 8 to 12 years.

Russian Agracultural Bank now gives the most preferential loans for construction of new greenhouses and reconstruction of old plants. With its help, 14 greenhouse projects were launched in all federal districts of the Russian Federation, the total amount of loans was 51.2 billion rubles in 2019.

Gazprombank is increasing its lending support for agriculture. In 2018, the Bank has agreed on only 930 million rubles of investment loans for the greenhouse industry, in 2019 it will be 10 times more.

More details about the greenhouse business, investors andprojects in the protected soil industry can be found in the new ready-made study "Greenhouse Business of Russia: Results of 2019, Forecasts for 2020 - 2022" prepared by analysts of "Growth Technology" Company at the end of January 2020.