Greenhouse industry - the trend for consolidation is increasing.


The business of commercial growing vegetables and greens in the protected soil of Russia began to show clear signs of industry consolidation only 2-3 years ago. Russian huge territories complicate the processes of professional and commercial association of greenhouse producers. In many constituent entities of Russia there are still one or less often two large industrial greenhouses, which mainly provide their products to the population of the region. These greenhouses are actual monopolists in the local market.

According to the results of "Growth Technology" research, industrial greenhouses of Russia unlike their Western colleagues, do not have a common system of marketing and promotion of their products on the federal or on the international market. Greenhouse workers solve their current problems on their own, "on the ground." The main promlem is relations with energy suppliers and network retail. The complexity, diversity and resource intensity of the tasks reduce the competitiveness and financial sustainability of small and medium-sized local greenhouses. The scale of the business is becoming an important factor in its survival.

Among the largest investors and initiators of industrial greenhouse projects on the market of vegetable growing in Russian protected soil, - "Agro-industrial holding ECO-Kultura," PJSC "Magnit," GK "Avilon," UK "Gorkunov," UK "Technologies of greenhouse growth," GK "GreenInvest," Bank "Russia," Group "Victoria Estate". Each of them has several tens of hectares of winter greenhouse in operation, expands production and builds new capacities.

 Thus, growing vegetables in the protected ground of Russia gradually, although very slowly, moves to a new stage of its development and increase of business consolidation. Consolidation of production and centralization of management and marketing leads to scaling up of successful business, strengthening of interregional ties, increase of labor productivity and efficiency of production processes, standardization of ready-made products quality.