92 % of middle class use fast food restaurants


Catering is by far one of the most attractive sectors for investment. Experts estimate the Russian public catering in the $ 5 billion, with up to saturation of the market is still far. 

Regularly use the services of Moscow's fast-food restaurants 92% percent of the middle class. 

The main difficulties in the path of democratic options of catering, will be high rents and a lack of suitable accommodation in Moscow. Major underlying factor in the development catering to the regions will be insufficient effective demand. 

There are several formats of fast food in Russia and, in particular, in the Moscow market. They vary according to the traditional location, in the way of service, the target audience. The most characteristic feature of all sizes are quick customer service, affordable prices and education networks. 

Relatively recent (3 - 5 years ago), a fast-food market in Moscow has replenished with one segment: fast food with an emphasis in healthy and beneficial food. His appearance was a logical response to requests for the restaurateurs of the modern audience, care about their health as a guarantee of existence. 

Details about the prospects of development in Russia segment fast food fine with the concept of healthy eating presented in the study "Premium fast food as a promising segment of the catering." Evidence-based research analysts' Growth Technology Company developed a business model of fast food with the concept of healthy and beneficial food. 

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