Sales of business lunches reach 40 % in revenue of pubs and bars


A proactive policy to attract and retain daily visitors among Moscow's catering facilities are beer gardens, bars and pubs. Almost all institutions of this specialization are several proposals that could meet the needs of different categories of guests.

Tightly to dine in the beer garden can be both the 120 and well over 400 rubles. The composition of the business lunch will be different as the assortment of dishes and their number even within a single institution.

For example, Glavpivtorg offers facilities to 165, 195 and 235 rubles. All 3 options have been very successful in the restaurant regulars. Selling a business lunch up to 40% of total revenue establishments. This figure can be considered a record in the Moscow market: most of sales dinners up to 20%, maximum 30% even at beer restaurants.

Other formats catering rarely increase their sales by more than 15% by day visitors - a conclusion reached by researchers from the Growth Technology Company after the study.

More information about the segment of the business lunch catering can be learned from the report "A business lunch in Moscow-2012. Demand, offer, amount and market potential. Catering services prospects in business centers".

Also we have report "Market Overview of business lunches in Moscow - 2006". In 2011, Growth Technology Company held a second wave of studies of the business lunch.

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