Muscovites with the income of 2,0 thousand dollars are regular visitors of restaurants


According to experts' observations Growth Technology Company, Muscovites begin to periodically visit cafes, restaurants and bars, with income of $ 1000 per month. Regular customers of such institutions are the holders of monthly income from $ 1500 - 2000.

In early 2011, capital employed about 11,000 catering. Among them, 7,500 are public institutions, yet thousands are registered 3.3 on the balance of businesses and organizations.

Among public institutions, common dining rooms make up only 12% or 822 points. In this case, most eateries in the Eastern District - their share of public catering enterprises in the district reaches 30%, least of all - in the South West (less than 1%) in the North-East (2%) and Central District (about 4% ).

The main part of the market open food establishments in Moscow owned restaurants, cafes, coffee shops, pubs, pizzerias, sushi and fast food.

The structure of the placement of seats compared with the structure of obschepitovskih institutions is somewhat different. In the private dining rooms on the balance of the organizations that represent 30% of the total number of establishments is 40% of the seats. This is explained by an average of more "modest" size of restaurants, cafes, pizza and sushi compared to canteen.

In open for free visits to restaurantscafes and canteens equipped with 547,000 seats.

Growth Technology Company conducted a study segment services business lunch catering Moscow twice: in 2006 and 2011.

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