Growth Technology Co. had ordered a study of the organic vegetables


Analysts of Growth Technology Company have finished custom-made research of the market of fresh bio-vegetables in Moscow.


The segment of organic products is in Russia only at a formation stage. Its potential many times over exceeds existing consumption. The overwhelming part of eco-products comes to us from abroad where in the different countries from 2 % to 10-12 % of agricultural land are occupied under organic agriculture. In the Russian Federation it is about 0,014 % of the land of an agricultural purpose.


Now development of the market of ecologically pure foodstuff in the Russian Federation is braked by several factors:

  • absence it is state the fixed quality standards of bio-products, and eco-standards recognised as the state,

  • narrow assortment of eco-products in Russian shops,

  • the highest prices for organic production owing to its deficiency in the wide market,

  • absence of the state support of individual domestic organic manufacturers.

Growth Technology Company estimate prospects of development of the market of organic products as rather high, and predict confident growth of a consumer demand for the next 5-7 years.