Garlic is a promising crop for Russian vegetable growers


Thanks to the special state support and introduced administrative measures there are not so many product niches with high potential for new projects in the domestic agroindustrial complex today. Garlic cultivation is one of the promising spheres that have survived.

Up till now commercial garlic production in Russia is only at the "low start" - the population cultivates 15-16 times more garlic on their garden plots and dacha fields than all agricultural companies and farmers. The deficit of garlic is compensated by foreign supplies. In 2020, importers declared 62.5 thousand tons of fresh garlic worth 6.7 billion rubles at Russian customs. At the same time, all this volume of garlic is quite realistic to grow in our country. Moreover, there are no significant climatic restrictions for commercial production, and success depends much more on applied agricultural technologies, assortment and availability of regular irrigation.

The maximum yield is achieved by garlic producers in Tatarstan, where they harvest more than 20 tons of garlic per hectare. Crimean agrarians get 15 tons per hectare, Dagestan and Ural - 11 tons per hectare and higher.

According to the calculations of the Growth Technology Company experts, the prices for fresh garlic have not dropped below 140-150 rubles per kilo since last year, which allows the producers to have decent revenues and profits.

The detailed quantitative and qualitative information on prospects of garlic projects in Russia will be presented in our new research "Business ideas in the agricultural sector with investments up to 15 mln rubles". The planned release date of the study is January 2022.