Intensive orchards will provide 20 kg of dessert apples to each Russian by 2025



For the last 10 years the volume of consumption of fresh fruit and berries in Russia increased by 1.2 times, and from 2000 for 2018 – almost twice. The maximum volume of fresh consumption corresponded to the period before imposition of an embargo (2013 and 2014), and the past 2018 when it rose up to 50 - 51 kilograms of fresh fruits a year by each person.


Fresh apples always were and remain the most popular fruit with Russians of all age, nationalities, the social status and geography of the settlement. In Russia it is difficult to allocate at least one accurately expressed national group which menu would regularly not include fresh apples. Our compatriots refuse any other fresh fruit much more often, but not apples.


By calculations of "Growth Technology", the share of apples for fresh consumption in the general fruit basket of Russians makes more than 25%. With a big separation after apples, there are bananas and oranges follow (a cumulative share of fresh consumption is about 28%) which are fully delivered to the Russian Federation from abroad.


Accumulation of potential production of industrial apple orchards in the south of Russia due to expansion of intensive type plantings leads to the guaranteed growth of cumulative harvests of dessert grades apples. Moreover, it respectively leads to increase in the domestic commodity offer which will allow to raise average per capita fresh consumption. According to forecasts of experts of "Growth Technology" company, by 2025 average per capita providing with local dessert apples will grow almost to 20 kg by the person.