The construction of a greenhouse complex for 2.7 billion rubles will be resumed in Buryatia


Building of a complex "Gusinoozersky greenhouses" (Buryatiya) which cost was earlier estimated in 9 billion rubles, will be continued after a break, but for now it is spoken only about realization of the first stage with the area of 11 hectares and productivity of 10 thousand tons of vegetables for 2,7 billion rubles, reports Baikal Daily. Earlier the project had difficulties in getting a loan from Rosselkhozbank, because of the poor financial performance of the Stavropol investor project, but the problem has been resolved: the local authorities expect the first tranche to arrive within the next few months, the newspaper writes.

Tamara Reshetnikova, the Director General of Growth Technology Company, told "Agroinvestor" that there were a number of difficulties in the implementation of the project. Firstly, there was no investor who was ready to invest a lot of money in the complex. Secondly, the residents of Buryatia themselves actively grow vegetables in the open field, and the average per capita income in the region is low, so not everyone can afford the expensive greenhouse products. In addition, vegetables are not a traditional food for the local population: they prefer meat and milk. Also in the region there is a high competition with cheap Chinese products.

Reshetnikova doubts the necessity of such large-scale investments - 9 billion rubles in two stages of the complex. According to her, it is a lot, and the region does not need such investments into one greenhouse project. The expert considers greenhouses with the area of 1-3 hectares, calculated on the sale to the local population, the most actual for Buryatia. It is not necessary to pin high hopes on sending production to Chita, Irkutsk and other cities, because the Far East has its logistical features - the settlements are often very remote from each other.

Recently, there was a number of projects at the east part of Russia from which investors refused to realize. For example, the construction of 30 hectares greenhouses of the Greenhouse Complex Siberia company, which was announced about three years ago, was canceled. Then the loans were agreed in Rosselkhozbank, but the project was also transferred from one investor to another, and in the end it was decided not to implement. Also in 2019, the Rost Group announced a 10-hectare "Vegetables of the Far East" complex, but that project was scrapped as well. The group was then unable to obtain approval of an investment loan for 3 billion rubles.

Author of the article: Elizaveta Litvinova

The full text of the article can be found in "Agroinvestor" magazine from 23.04.2021.

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