A large grain producer has laid down a super-intensive garden on Don


Sergey Avakyan, director of "Rassvet" LLC, located in Kuibyshev district of Rostov region, told about realization of the perspective garden project on his territory on the lands of Donetsk ridge, which are difficult for cultivation. "We have almost completed laying 78 hectares of super intensive garden (the project is being implemented since 2018 - ed.). We will grow apples. Implementation of this project became possible because we have prepared this territory well. Earlier we invested almost 300 million rubles in irrigation of 1.4 thousand hectares, which allowed us to get 15 thousand tons more grain than in previous years from the same area. Besides, a part of the irrigated land should be allocated for the garden," Avagyan clarified.

According to the Director General of Growth Technology research company Tamara Reshetnikova, in recent years there has been an active implementation of garden projects in the South, more than half of which are intensive and super intensive gardens. However, according to observations of news agency "Expert South", implementation of such projects was mainly in the Kuban, Stavropol and several republics of the North Caucasus. Enterprises of Rostov region were not among initiators of such projects. In this sense, the project of "Rassvet" LLC can be called notable.

"As a rule, the cost of modern apple orchards will pay off in five or seven years, but only if at least 60% of the total yield is laid down for medium and long-term storage (up to nine months)," Reshetnikova said.

The article's author: Andrey Bakeyev

The full text of the article can be read in "Expert" news agency, news from 31.03.2020.