Russia increased import of greenhouse vegetables in 2018


Despite the active growth of domestic production, in 2018 import to Russia of fresh vegetables of greenhouse group (tomatoes, cucumbers, eggplants, pepper, lettuce) grew and approached 0.9 million tons, "Growth Technology" company counted. Thus import is gradually restored after sharp falling in 2015 — 2016 as a result of embargo imposition. As appears from data of FCS, in comparison with the 2017th deliveries in physical expression grew more than by 9%. About 65% of the imported greenhouse group vegetables are the share of tomatoes, 19% — of paprika, 14% — of cucumbers.

According to the analysis of "Growth Technology" company, the greatest dynamics in absolute values was shown by import of tomatoes which increased in comparison with the 2017th by 56 thousand tons. According to FCS, last year 578 thousand tons of tomatoes were imported into Russia. Import of pepper grew most quicker In relative sizes last year — almost by 20% in physical expression, volumes of import of lettuce and eggplants increased by 6-8%. "From vegetables of greenhouse group only fresh cucumbers and gherkins showed a decrease in deliveries from abroad (-10%)" — according to analysts of "Growth Technology". As appears from data of FCS, 123 thousand tons of cucumbers against 135 thousand tons in the 2017th were delivered to Russia last year.

The CEO of "Growth Technology" Tamara Reshetnikova first of all explains dynamics with increase in internal consumption. "By our estimates, the volume of consumption by the population of nonseasonal products increases towards healthy food" — Reshetnikova told. Reduction of "shadow" import could become one more factor. "For years of embargo suppliers managed to arrange transparent deliveries from other countries" — she explained.

At the same time, Reshetnikova noticed, the situation strongly differse on regions. So, in Siberia and in the Far East there is almost none growth of greenhouse group vegetables consumption, as well as outputs. "All growth in fact is based on the main regions of consumption - it is the Center and the Northwest of the country" — she added.

Author of article: Ekaterina Dyatlovskaya

The full text of article it is possible to find in the Agroinvestor magazine, news of 20.02.2019