Moscow area promises to provide itself with vegetables completely in 2018


After input of new greenhouse complexes by the end of 2017 year the Moscow region will reach full self-reliance vegetables. It was said by the governor of the region Andriy Vorobyov during the annual address to residents of Moscow area. "The earth works. Thanks to construction of greenhouses in Lukhovitsy, Kashira, Elektrostal the self-reliance vegetables is 58%, and by the end of this year we will come to 100%. We won't be need any more foreign tomato and a cucumber" — Vorobyov has told.


Moscow area really seriously recently increases the production due to input of modern capacities, however it is impossible to consider this region separately from Moscow, the CEO of the "Growth Technology" company Tamara Reshetnikova has commented on "Agroinvestor". "This year, according to us, the Moscow region will really reach saturation on cucumbers, however the lion's share of the made volume is taken away by Moscow. In general at least 80% of vegetables and the greens which are grown up in modern greenhouses situated near Moscow are delivered to Moscow consumers" — Reshetnikova has told. Besides, according to her, the self-reliance on different vegetables in the area significantly differs. "The main part of the vegetables which are grown up in greenhouses of Moscow area are cucumbers. Tomatoes are made many times less — by our calculations, the share of tomatoes in gross vegetables' production of the protected soil in Moscow area last year made about 10%. And such vegetables as pepper or an eggplant in the region is practically not grown up" — the expert has added.


Author of article: Ekaterina Dyatlovskaya
You can find the full text in «Agroinvestor» magazine, February 2018