The area of winter greenhouses in Russia exceeded 2.5 thousand hectares


According to the Russian Ministry of Agriculture, in 2018 about 300 hectares of winter greenhouses were put into operation, and their total area exceeded 2.5 thousand hectares — 10% more, than in the 2017th. "Growth Technology" company has the same assessment. Following the results of 2017 about 270 hectares of greenhouses were started in Russia, the CEO of the company Tamara Reshetnikova reminds.

In recent years the areas of greenhouses in Russia annually grow approximately for 15%. However now speed can slow down a little: according to the forecast of "Greenhouses of Russia" association, in 2019 260 hectares of new complexes will be started, in the 2020th — new 250 hectares will be put into operation. "Fruit and vegetable union of Russia" expects that this year not less than 200-250 hectares of greenhouse complexes can be entered. "Growth Technology" estimate possible gain of the areas in the 2019th at the level of 320-340 hectares. "Because of cancellation of CAPEX in the greenhouse industry it will be less favorable to invest in this business, than in the 2018th and two years ago — Reshetnikova commented on "Agroinvestor". — On the other hand, the interest rate for the credits for producers of greenhouse vegetables in 2019 and 2020 remains to they are no more than 5%, and cheap loans will still attract investors to the sector".

According to FCS, for January-October, 2018 80.3 thousand tons of cucumbers for $76.6 million were delivered to Russia. For the same period of the 2017th their import was a little more — 83.7 thousand tons for $90.1 million. Import of tomatoes on the contrary increased from 409 thousand tons by $428 million the first ten months 2017 prior to 466 thousand tons for $509 million tons in the 2018th. According to Babayeva, completely it is inexpedient to replace import of greenhouse vegetables: in the conditions of the free market the consumer has the right to choose the producer. For 100% to provide itself with vegetables of the closed soil there is no sense, Reshetnikova agrees. The question is in the share of import. "The main thing that we should reduced dependence on it" — the expert emphasizes. For comparison, in 2014 Russia bought abroad nearly 850 thousand tons of tomatoes more than for $1 billion and 231 thousand tons of cucumbers for $285 million.

Authors of article: Elena Maximova, Tatiana Kulistikova

Complete text of article it is possible to find in "Agroinvestor" magazine, news from 2019, January, 9.