Production of berries in the closed soil can grow by 3.5 times


The CEO of the "Growth Technology" company Tamara Reshetnikova considers that now volumes of commodity production of berries in Russia are extremely small, their main part is grown up in farms of the population in the open ground. However she considers that the corporate sector has prospects. In off-season in Russia consumption of berries is very insignificant — much lower, than in the European countries that is connected with too high prices during this period, she emphasizes. Since the end of June to the middle of July strawberry in Moscow costs an average of 250-300 rub/kg and as soon as the period of its collecting comes to an end, the prices raise sharply and reach 2-2.5 thousand rubles/kg depending on a type of packaging, Reshetnikova compares. "For such money not every consumer is ready to buy berries" — she says. The expert adds that in off-season in retail chain stores there are only import fresh berries. "Deliveries come from the distant countries, in particular South America, Turkey, Egypt, Greece, Macedonia and assume serious costs of logistics" — Reshetnikova explains.

"It is possible to work at a high price margin, and it is possible to work on increasing in volumes. And if they become considerable, then import will be forced out, it is more favorable to networks to buy fresh domestic berry, than import which was delivered from far away and already obviously stale" — Reshetnikova adds.

Authors of article: Elena Maximova, Tatiana Kulistikova

Complete text of article it is possible to find in the December, 2018 "Agroinvestor" magazine.