The English investor will invest 2 billion rubles in berry greenhouses


In 2018 in Stavropol region the first project on cultivation of berries in the protected soil will be realized, the first ban of the government of the region Nikolay Velikdan has reported. As the press service of regional administration reports, the greenhouse plant is supposed to be built in Kislovodsk.


The area of greenhouses will be 10 hectares on whom strawberry, raspberry and bilberry, including in winter time will be grown up. As TASS reports, implementation of the project will take about a year. According to preliminary estimates, input of greenhouse plant in work can happen in 2018. "It is the first project for the region, the investor from England... the investments will make about 2 billion rubles" — the first deputy chairman of the government has told.


However at the moment in Russia of berries' industrial production in the year-round mode is practically not present, the CEO of the "Growth Technology" company Tamara Reshetnikova notes. "Actually all fresh berries which arrive to ous out of a season are imported. Within the country there are only small productions of berries in greenhouses which don't influence on a balance of the market at all" — she has told. According to her, this segment in the country is only at the first stage of development — both from the point of view of production, and from the point of view of consumption. "On the one hand, berries are a niche product, demand for which, especially during the winter and spring period, is low in Russia. On the other hand, cultivation of berries in greenhouses — iis absolutly other technology in comparison with vegetables. And it is also a problem as specialists agronomists on berry cultures in greenhouse conditions aren't enough, and here in Russia it is still a little experience" — Reshetnikova has noticed.


Author of article: Ekaterina Dyatlovskaya
The full text of article it is possible in December release of 2017 of Agroinvestor magazine