In the beginning of 2017 greenhouse areas will reach 2,3 thousand hectares


According to the "Greenhouses of Russia" Association, in the beginning of 2017 the total area of greenhouses in the country will reach about 2,3 thousand hectares. 600 hectares of them have been built over the past five years, including 300 hectares with photoculture.

In 2016 year construction work was carried out on the area of 166 hectares. The amount of investments was at the level of 33,5 billion rubles. This year projects on 350 hectares were announced, said the chief specialist of the Association Nikolai Detkov. How many of them will be realized – is still a question, a lot of plans remain on paper. The real growth of the total area of winter greenhouses is less, said Tamara Reshetnikova, the general director of «Growth Technology»: in parallel with the introduction of new complexes there is decommission of old ones. "Indeed, 600 hectares of modern greenhouses were built, but about 350 hectares were decommissioned over the past five years".

Ministry of Agriculture predicts that in the coming year 130-150 hectares of greenhouse complexes are possible to be put into operation. Although the increase seems significant, these figures lag behind the targets approved by the state program. According to the document, in 2016 the area had to be increased by nearly 260 hectares, in 2017 – by 263 ha. At the same time to cover the country's needs in protected soil vegetables, according agroagency, by 2020 2 thousand hectares of greenhouses are needed to be launched. Moreover, production should grow by 1 million tons, up to 1,7-1,8 million tons.

Author of the article: Inna Ganenko
You can find the full text in «Agroinvestor» magazine, December 2016