Analysis and forecasting of main market development directions, risks and prospects

Marketing researches of existing market tendencies and forecasting of their development are necessary for definition of business strategy and tactics, acceptance of correct management decisions, statement of the purposes and tasks for business.

For business only considering possibilities of entry on a new market, research of the general tendencies can help to cut low perspective projects just at the very first stages of the project.

For the working enterprise research of market tendencies is important from the point of view of an operative estimation of occurring market variations, and preliminary planning of its own organizational changes. 

As a whole, marketing researches of market tendencies  and forecasts of its development, are primary analysis of market situation. They are basis for decision-making on necessity of specialized researches of the factors which render or will render defining value in change market conjuncture. For example, such kind of researches are research of consumers, competitors, suppliers, labor market or microbusiness factors.

Quantitative results received during marketing researches and reflecting market realities, are used as the initial data for a settlement part of business plans and business projects.

For gathering, processing and analysing of market information, Growth Technology Company analytists use field researches, internal and on-line polls, expert interviews, the content-analysis. 

Each custom-made research begins with Technical project for this research in which company experts accurately fixed ey research parameters, suc as purposes of reception of necessary marketing information, problems which will be solved during the research, applied methods of researches and project geography, the detailed maintenance of the analytical report and others.

Ordered marketing researches will help you to solve specific targets for projected business, taking into account all regional and other current features, important for customers. Preinvestment marketing researches are spent for the purpose of gathering of the actual quantitative information for the business project.

Ready researches made under the initiative of Growth Technology Company, are resulted in section "Marketing researches for sale".