Calculation of current volume of market and estimation of its potential

Marketing researches of market volumes and its potential are analytical researches. They can include content-analysis, field polls, expert interviews, however the main part of such research is the multiple-factor analytics and the look-ahead calculations of the expert which are based on its business experience in investigated sphere, knowledge of the latent features of branch, presence of own operating methods and expert technologies of calculations.

Market potential calculation, including potentials of its specialized segments, shows you perspectivity of investment in development of an interesting direction of business. For more correct volume  estimation the complex analysis of activity of direct and latent competitors, and also their plans for development is required.

It is reasonable to combine research of market volumes and potential with consumers analysis which will give the additional initial data about possible change of demand both in quantitative, and in qualitative expression. Research of consumers is important and from the point of view of features of their perception of projected business production/services, advertizing and marketing communications influence on them.

Recommendations for research customer on the optimum volume of output and its structure, sale channels and advancements, focusing on separate segments of the market should become the main result of research of market volume and its potential.

Quantitative results received during marketing researches and reflecting market realities, are used as the initial data for a settlement part of business plans and business projects. 

Each custom-made research begins with Technical project for this research in which company experts accurately fixed ey research parameters, suc as purposes of reception of necessary marketing information, problems which will be solved during the research, applied methods of researches and project geography, the detailed maintenance of the analytical report and others.

Ready researches made under the initiative of Growth Technology Company, are resulted in section "Marketing researches for sale".