Panel protection of objects in Russia and Moscow - 2007

Panel protection of objects - 2007. Analysis of a condition of security market of Russia and Moscow

Panel protection of objects in Russia and Moscow - 2007
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  • Date: 30.04.2007
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The purpose of this study is to analyze the supply and demand on the Russian guard market on the example of Moscow, as well as studying market trends and its commercial appeal.


Direction "Panel protection" of objects is selected as the most rapidly developing and promising.


Among the objectives of the study was comparison the competitive strengths and weaknesses of key market panel protection players in Moscow region, as well as their pricing and assortment policy.



This study may be useful:

  • potential investors, choosing attractive from an economic point of view of businesses for investment,

  • managers of private security companies, which form its tariff policy for long-term strategic development plans of the company;

  • owners of office, retail buildings and business centers considering self-organizing panel protection properties and comparing the conditions of the enterprises;
  • individuals and organizations - consumers of security services businesses, choose the most advantageous terms, and reliable means of protection.

In 2008, Growth Technology Company  has been conducted market research devoted to panel protection and security in North-West Russia, including St. Petersburg and Leningrad region.

The study can be updated and supplemented by individual request. Please contact Growth Technology Company.

The content of the study "Panel protection facilities. Analysis of the market in Russia and Moscow: trends, key players, pricing"

Short resume


Purposes and tasks of the research

Sources of information and processing techniques

Description of Panel protection services

1. Panel protection scope 

2. Organizational structure of service

2.1. central monitoring station

2.2. fast reaction groups

2.3. technical maintenance service

3. Service technical component 

3.1. control panel

3.2. alarm control unit

3.3. signal devices

3.4. security sensors

3.5. types of message transmission

4. Equipment

Main part

1. European market of private and commercial premises protection

2. Russian protection market

3. Moscow protection market

4. Major players

4.1. Private security management

4.2. Gulfstream - security systems

4.3. SPO (panel protection network)

4.4. REAKS (federal network of rapid response)

4.5. Raduga

4.6. MIG


4.8. reflex-SB

4.9. Group Strike

4.10. Troian - panel protection

5. Analysis of Moscow security companies assortment policy

5.1. panel protection and other protections

5.2. equipment, monitoring and response

5.3. customers segmenting 

5.4. signal sensors

5.5. kinds of protected objects

5.6. area of protected objects

6. Analysis of Moscow security companies pricing 

6.1. comparison of the minimum cost of the object equipment

6.2. comparison of the subscription fee for the competition of commercial buildings

6.3. comparison of the subscription fee of competitors for private apartments

6.4. comparison of subscription fees for country houses and cottages

6.5. comparison of the total cost to the customer a console protection