Conditions of Moscow hotels for carrying out of seminars and trainings - 2007

Conditions of Moscow hotels for carrying out of seminars and trainings - 2007. Research for sale

Conditions of Moscow hotels for carrying out of seminars and trainings - 2007
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The purpose of this study is to provide to organizers of trainings and seminars reliable information about opportunities, the level of service, range of services, rents and other features of the premises owned hotels in Moscow.


The main objectives of the research are:

  • analyze the Moscow market of hotel the business services;

  • compile a list of Moscow hotels (category 3 - 4 - 5 ***) providing its premises for rent for seminars and trainings;

  • collect full information on the availability of conference rooms, auditoriums and meeting rooms in hotels, and their potential capacity;

  • analyze the hotel pricу policy in the rental of premises for business activities;

  • make a rough calculation of the cost of business activities in all the studied hotels in Moscow, depending on the number of participants in seminars or training sessions; 

  • compile separate lists of hotels that best meet the objectives of the organizers: 

        saving the cost of holding the event;

        improvement of status and image of the event organizer;

  • identify the pros and cons of renting premises in hotels; 

  • make hotels business portraits as platforms for carrying out of business public actions.

Hotels in Moscow under the category 3 - 4 - 5 *** represent a convenient platform for organizing and conducting trainings and seminars. Advantage of the hotel before the administrative, office and business centers is the ability to arrange accommodation of regional actors in the number of rooms, and, consequently, significant savings of time and provide additional comfort.


Another important factor is a possibility of obtaining discounts on rental of conference rooms, auditoriums and meeting rooms while filling hotel's accommodation facilities.

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Data updating and additions to the research can be performed upon request. Please contact us by phone or e-mail.

I. Preface

1. Purpose and tasks of research

2. Essential conditions of the study

3. Information sources

4. Methodology

5. Reserch resume

II. Main part

6. Overall situation on Moscow hotel market

7.  Analysis of segment 3-4-5 *** hotels

7.1. Availability of business area for rent

7.1.1. Business centers in hotels 3-4-5 ***

7.1.2. Conference rooms and auditoriums hotels 3-4-5 ***

7.1.3. Rented conference rooms area

7.1.4. Conference rooms capacity

7.1.5. Premises for offices

7.2. Price policy

7.2.1. Calculating the cost of renting area for 10 students

7.2.2. Calculating the cost of renting area for 20 students

7.2.3. Calculating the cost of renting area for 30 students

7.2.4. Calculating the cost of renting area for 40 students

7.2.5. Calculating the cost of renting area for 60 students

7.2.6. Comparing the cost of finished conference packages 

7.3. Hotel image and prestige  

8. Description of Moscow hotels

8.1. Business portraits of Hotel Category 5 ***

8.1.1. Balchug-Kempinsky

8.1.2. Golden Ring

8.1.3. Metropol

8.1.4. Swissotel Krasnye Holmy

8.1.5. National

8.1.6. Sheraton palace 

8.1.7. Marriott Grand Hotel

8.1.8. Marriott Royal Aurora

8.1.9. Savoy

8.1.10. President Hotel

8.1.11. Moscow Country Club

8.1.12. Ararat Park Hyatt Moscow

8.1.13. Park Hotel Volynskoe

8.1.14. Mezhdunarodnaia Hotel  

8.2. Business portraits of Hotel Category 4 ***

8.2.1. Holiday Inn Vinogradovo

8.2.2. Marriott Tverskaia

8.2.3. Redisson SAS Slavianskaia

8.2.4. Iris Congress

8.2.5. Renaissnce Moscow

8.2.6. Cosmos

8.2.7. Ukraine

8.2.8. Tatiana

8.2.9. Novotel Moscow Center

8.2.10. Nootel Sheremetievo

8.2.11. Marco Polo Presnia

8.2.12. Art-Hotel

8.2.13. Danilovskaia

8.2.14. Orlionok

8.2.15. Alrosa na Kasachiem

8.2.16. Arbat

8.2.17. Tiflis

8.2.18. Sretenskaia

8.2.19. Proton

8.2.20. Katerina

8.3. Business portraits of Hotel Category 3 ***

8.3.1. Dinaoda 3***  

8.3.2. Zariya - Irbis 3***  

8.3.3. Salut 3***  


8.3.5. Izmailovo Delta

8.3.6. Bega

8.3.7. Rus-hotel

8.3.8. Sputnik

8.3.9. Tsntralny dom Turista

8.3.10. Volga

8.3.11. Turist

8.3.12. Zolotoi Kolos

8.3.13. Sovetskaia

8.3.14. Akademicheskaia

8.3.15. Sheremetievo

8.3.16. Ostankino

8.3.17. Belgrad

III. Conclusions and recommendations

9. Coclusions

10. Recommendations

10.1. Hotels for big seminars, workshops and presentations

10.2. Hotels for small seminars, workshops and presentations

10.3. Hotels for status business  public events

10.4. Hotels for cost of seminars and trainings