Tendencies, risks and prospects of the market of paid fishing in the Moscow region

Analysis of tendencies, risks and prospects of the market of paid fishing in recreational reservoirs of Russia. Part I

Tendencies, risks and prospects of the market of paid fishing in the Moscow region
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  • Date: 01.01.2010
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The study "The market for recreational fee fishing ponds on the example of Russia in the Moscow region" is a pre-investment study business. The study will be interesting to potential investors and entrepreneurs who are considering options for profitable investments in promising business, as well as market players paid fishing to determine the successful pricing of services, assessment of market competition and compare the advantages and weaknesses of competitors.

Part of a full report on the results of studies on the organization of business toll of fishing, contains an analysis of the status and trends of industry development in Russia during the last 5 - 7 years.

Determined by current market capacity services fee fishing in Russia and the Moscow region in particular, and its potential. Examine the key factors of business success, the main risks arising from the start and during the activities of enterprises, suggests ways to solve common problems. Calculated the investment component of projects paid fishing expenditure and income. The basic concepts and formats for companies specializing in fee fishing, and their particular business. Describes the most popular breed of fish used for restocking fee reservoirs in the suburbs. Shows the contacts of key players outside Moscow market fee fishing and industry suppliers.

The report of Part 1 of the General Research includes sections in which:

  • The features of the development of recreational fisheries in Russia in general and Moscow in particular during the last 10 years,

  •  Analyzed the current state of the industry of recreational fishing in the Russian Federation and the Moscow region,

  •  Calculated the potential capacity of the Russian and Moscow market service fee of recreational fishing and predicted trends in its growth,

  •  The main criteria and key parameters of business success fee fishing,

  •  Describes the basic business-specific risks of recreational fishing and ways to overcome them

  •  Describes the basic format of enterprises paid fishing, working successfully in Russia and the Moscow region,

  •  Concerning the structure of investment and operating costs of enterprises paid fishing

  •  Determined the most popular breed fish for recreational fishing ponds with paid,

  •  Predicted business prospects toll recreational fishing in the Moscow region and the main trends of its development from the standpoint of feasibility of potential investments.

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