Market of commercial learning of foreign languages in Russia - 2008

Analysis and prospects of commercial learning of foreign languages market in Russia - 2008. Research for sale

Market of commercial learning of foreign languages in Russia - 2008
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The aim of the marketing research is to obtain factual information concerning the state of the commercial market for foreign languages in Russia, comparing the range and value proposition, demand forecasting and market capacity in the regions, as well as determining the dynamics and trends of school and foreign language courses, as the type of business .

The study was reviewed and analyzed information on a total of 100 schools, courses and foreign language centers, recruitment and training of students in 2008.

In the course of the study have been solved the problem:

  • Calculated the potential capacity of Russian market of commercial learning foreign languages by region,

  • Forecasted growth dynamics of the market by value and volume of potential listeners,

  • Determined by the market structure of commercial language learning in terms of formats of successful schools, the representation of language courses, the types of programs, range of services, the number proposed for the study of languages;

  • The characteristic and distinctive range of courses and programs of commercial language schools;

  • The calculation of the average market price offers services to organize the study of foreign languages at the kinds of programs and courses in different regions of the Russian Federation;

  • A comparison of the dynamics of change in price level proposal for six months, from March to October 2008;

  • The most effective channels to promote services to schools and courses;

  • Identified the largest and most well-known international network of school, which opened its representative office in Russia

  • Determined the most successful inter-regional domestic network of schools and language courses,

  • Identify the most known and proven institutions of Foreign Languages in Moscow and its suburbs;

  • Revealed the most characteristic offers language schools in St. Petersburg, Nizhny Novgorod, Orel, Yekaterinburg, Chelyabinsk, Samara, Ufa, Kazan and other Russian regions;

  • Composed of business profiles 49 schools and language courses;

  • The tendencies and directions of the commercial market for foreign languages in Moscow, Russia.

This study may be helpful:

  • managers running schools and courses to assess their position in the competitive environment, optimizing the economic activities and improve financial results;

  • language schools marketers to develop a system of promotion services institutions, tariff policy and product range, target segmentation of potential listeners;

  • potential investors as a guide for selecting investment targets and drawing up strategic and tactical plans.

In 2011, the Growth Technology Company has produced a report on the results of the study "The commercial schools and language courses in Moscow."