Market of commercial schools and courses of foreign languages in Moscow - 2011

Market of commercial schools and courses of foreign languages in Moscow - 2011. Research for sale

Market of commercial schools and courses of foreign languages in Moscow - 2011
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The aim of the marketing research is to obtain factual information concerning the state of the commercial market for foreign languages in Moscow, comparing the range and value proposition, demand forecasting and capacity of the market in the capital and the Moscow region, as well as identifying the main challenges and prospects of market development for its new development players.

In the course of the study have been solved the problem:

  • Calculated the potential capacity of the Moscow market of commercial learning foreign languages;

  • Forecasted growth dynamics of the market by value and volume of potential listeners;

  • Performed segmentation of the target audience of schools and foreign language courses by type of audience, marked their preferences, motivators of learning foreign languages and the criteria for selecting schools;

  • Designed capacity of each segment of the target audience;

  • Identified and described the most popular and new methods of teaching foreign languages;

  • Determined by the market structure of commercial language learning in terms of formats of successful schools, the representation of language courses, the types of programs, range of services, the number proposed for the study of languages and the concentration of schools and their branches in areas of Moscow;

  • The characteristic and distinctive range of courses and programs of commercial language schools;

  • The calculation of the average market price offers services to organize the study of foreign languages at the kinds of programs and courses in different regions of the Russian Federation;

  • A comparison of the dynamics of change in price level offers over 2 years, from September 2008 to January 2011;

  • The most effective channels to promote services to schools and courses;

  • Identified the largest and most well-known international network of school, which opened its representative office in Moscow

  • Determined the most successful inter-regional and Moscow's network of schools and language courses,

  • Identify the most known and proven institutions of Foreign Languages in Moscow and its suburbs;

  • Composed of business profiles 60 metropolitan schools and language courses;

  • Describes the staffing issues of language schools, the requirements of schools for teachers and terms of cooperation;

  • The tendencies and directions of the commercial market for foreign languages in Moscow, Russia.

To collect market information used desk and field research:

  • classical content analysis of open sources;

  • sample survey of schools and courses;

  • method of "mystery shopping";

  • survey of trainees and foreign language schools in Moscow.

Region to collect and analyze market information has become Moscow and Moscow region.

Previous waves of market research business of teaching foreign languages in private schools in Moscow and Russia as a whole, was carried out by analysts' growth technology in the fall of 2008.

Market research business schools and language courses in Moscow will be useful:

  • potential investors and new projects to the organizers of language schools and courses to assess the current situation and determine the prospects for the industry in terms of potential business

  • schools and courses of foreign languages for comparative assessment of their current situation and the competitive environment in terms of identifying new ways to promote services, the adequacy of pricing policies, expand into new target segments of consumers,

  • residents and visitors who plan to study foreign languages in the near future, in terms of selecting the most appropriate option for their education.

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1 Introduction

1.1. Type of research, sources of and ways of processing information
1.2. During the study period
1.3. Geography Research
1.4. Objects of study, sampling and the assumptions made
2 Current state of the market of foreign languages in Moscow
2.1. Format Language Schools
2.2. Used methods of teaching foreign languages
2.3. The popularity of languages and their representation in language schools
2.4. Format classes
2.5. Additional services language schools
2.6. Spatial concentration of language schools in Moscow
2.7. Schools and their affiliates
2.8. Advertising and promotion services on the market today
3 Pricing language schools
3.1. Comparison of the price level of schools and courses in Moscow on formats institutions
3.2. Rates of schools and courses of study and program formats
3.3. Average market prices and rates by type of program and format lessons
3.4. Price dynamics for 2 years
4. Types of target audience language schools
4.1. Children (4 to 12 years)
4.2. Pupils adolescents (12 to 18 years)
4.3. Young professionals and graduate students
4.4. Specialists
4.5. Corporate clients
4.6. Leaders and Entrepreneurs
4.7. VIP - Individuals
5 Capacity and market potential
5.1. Capacity of the consumer services market language schools in Moscow region
5.2. Capacity of the Moscow market on target audience
6. Teachers of schools and language courses
6.1. Qualifications and professional assessment
6.2. Training and retraining of teachers
6.3. Native speaker or Russian-speaking
6.4. Wages
6.5. Staff and moonlighting
6.6. Search Teachers
7 Fieldwork
7.1. Field survey of the target audience language schools
7.2. Expert survey-language schools
7.3. Findings from field studies
8 Business Profiles language schools and courses in Moscow
8.1. International network projects of schools and language courses
8.2. Russia's network of school and foreign language courses
8.3. Moscow networking schools and foreign language courses
8.4. Urban School of Foreign Languages
8.5. On-line School of Foreign Languages
9 Information about the researchers of Foreign Languages in Moscow