Business lunch. Comparison of Moscow restaurants and cafe offers - 2006

Business lunch. Comparison of Moscow restaurants and cafe offers - 2006. Research for sale

Business lunch. Comparison of Moscow restaurants and cafe offers  - 2006
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  • Date: 31.10.2006
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The aim of the study is to analyze the proposals of the business lunch in public Moscow restaurants, cafes, bars, pubs and other catering establishments.

Consideration of proposals Moscow catering establishments in the area of business power, which, in particular, is a business lunch, shows considerable interest restaurateurs to this target segment.

According to some market players, the share of income attributable to the sale of a business lunch at the most successful companies, is up to 30-40% of total turnover.

In many cases, the organization quickly, efficiently and relatively inexpensive food at lunch time, significantly raises the total revenue and total return to the traditional institutions of the evening service. The overwhelming number of buyers of the business lunch - office workers nearby commercial companies and government agencies.

Among the objectives of the study were:

  • Calculate the capacity of the Moscow market of business lunches (on open power points);
  • Identify opportunities for employees of Moscow companies to quickly and accurately in the working lunch at noon;

  • Identify the prevalence of services for business lunch in Moscow, including areas adjacent to metro stations;

  • Compare offers a business lunch in Moscow power outlets at a price range, geographic location;

  • Determine the commercial interest of power outlets in the organization of business lunches;

  • Select the most popular format for a business lunch;

  • Identify characteristic methods of promoting services to the business lunch and their impact on demand;

  • Determine the prospects of the proposal for business lunch restaurants in the income structure;

  • Identify the most characteristic features of a successful proposal for business lunch in public restaurants, cafes, bars, etc.

Results from this study can be useful to consumers of business lunches - the staff of Moscow companies and restaurateurs - the organizers of this service.

In January-February 2011 Growth Technology Company  updated survey data in 2006 and introduced new sections in the report detailing the status and prospects ofdevelopment services to a business lunch in the business center of Moscow.

Data updating and amendment of the study is available on request. Please contact us by phone or e-mail