32 Business profiles of industrial greenhouses in Central federal district of Russia

Industrial vegetable greenhouses of the Central federal district. Business profiles of the working greenhouses and new greenhouse projects in Central federal district of the Russian Federation

32 Business profiles of industrial greenhouses in Central federal district of Russia

Receipt of up-to-date quantitative and high-quality marketing information about prime manufacturers of vegetables and greens of the protected soil in Central Federal District to Russia became an objective of this research. And also this research is about projectible greenhouse complexes, about the comparative competitive ranalysis in the region. Moreover the report is made for the purpose of commercial feasibility of investments into construction and development of industrial greenhouses projects in the Central federal district of the Russian Federation.

This research represents detailed descriptions of 21 most significant players of the greenhouse market in the central part of the Russian Federation, 10 perspective projects of industrial greenhouses and 1 postponed project of the greenhouse.

All described greenhouses have vegetable specialization, in their assortment cucumbers, tomatoes, greens, sheet salads, eggplants, pepper, mushrooms are provided.

Business profiles include some important parameters of the greenhouse complexes, among which:

  • Basic data: the head of shopping mall, shareholders, a site, contacts, the protected soil area (including the area of modern greenhouses), the used agro technologies and the equipment,
  • Production indicators: gross collection of vegetables in dynamics for 3-4 years, assortment, productivity of the main cultures in dynamics,
  • Financial and economic indicators: revenue and profit in dynamics for 2008 - 2011, profitability,
  • Marketing indicators: canals and regions of finished goods sale, availability of packaging, packing, own brand,
  • Plans of the entity for development, construction of new greenhouses and dismantle old, on upgrade, implementation of new technologies, change of the areas structure and the range of vegetable and green cultures.
  • New greenhouse projects include information about initiators of construction, the volume of investment, about partners and contractors, plans for start in operation in queues of construction, gross collection and planned productivity of the main cultures.

Research will be useful:

  • To heads of industrial and farmer greenhouses for familiarizing with intra-branch experience of managing, a correct assessment of the next competitors and optimum strategy development activities and opportunities and tactics of work of the entity in the conditions of the competition,
  • To initiators of new greenhouse projects for carrying out the comparative analysis of practical results of greenhouse market players activities, perspective niches determination, geography of an arrangement and new projects sale organization,
  • To investors and creditors of industrial greenhouses for an assessment of investments commercial feasibility, probability forecasting and terms of their return, the comparative analysis of investment projects appeal and their risks,
  • To suppliers and contractors of industrial greenhouses for search of partnership opportunities and cooperation with new projects and the modernized working greenhouse complexes,
  • To wholesale suppliers of fresh vegetables and greens and to a network product retail for perspective matching producers and the conclusion of mutually advantageous partner agreements.

Business profiles of the industrial greenhouses and new greenhouse projects located in other Russian regions are provided in the corresponding reports of Volga, Southern, North Caucasian and to other Federal districts of Russia.