Ukrainian market of industrial greenhouses

Ukrainian market of industrial hothouses: development of greenhouse vegetable growing, floriculture and mushroomculture in 1998-2009

Ukrainian market of industrial greenhouses
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  • Date: 21.04.2009
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The purpose of conducting market research is to obtain factual information concerning the state of the market of industrial production greenhouses and greenhouse production in Ukraine in terms of potential and prospects of the industry, its competitiveness and investment attractiveness.

During research carrying out the following taskes have been solved:

  • described of development of greenhouse vegetable production, floriculture andmushroom production in Ukraine;

  • analyzed the current state of industrial greenhouses market in Ukraine,

  • calculated potential capacity of Ukrainian market of production and consumption of protected soil segments: greenhouse vegetables, mushrooms, flowers;

  • detected deficit greenhouse products for domestic consumption and traditionalUkrainian exports;

  • calculated areas of industrial hothouses for completion of deficiency of hothouse production and import substitution;

  • determined the most popular crops for cultivation in greenhouses in the industrial scale;

  • describes the main risks of development of vegetable production, floriculture andmushroom production in greenhouses in Ukraine;

  • composed of business profiles of largest greenhouses in Ukraine and dynamics of their development since 1998,

  • Predicted greenhouse business prospects in Ukraine and the main development trendsin the short term in terms of feasibility of potential investments.

List of diagrams and applications to the study of Ukrainian market of industrial greenhouse-2009 

Diagram 1. Dynamics of glass greenhouses areas in Ukraine

Diagram 2. Glass greenhouses specialization in Ukraine in 2008

Diagram 3. Glass greenhouse area distribution under regions in Ukraine

Diagram 4. Value for collecting basic greenhouse crops in regions of Ukraine

Diagram 5. Gross harvest of vegetable production in industrial greenhouses of Ukraine

Diagram 6. Increase glass flower greenhouses in Ukraine 2003 - 2008 

Diagram 7. Dynamics of the capacity of Ukrainian flower market, $ million / year

Diagram 8. Average cost of fresh flowers per inhabitant in 2008 in Ukraine and Russia

Diagram 9. Comparison of the structures of the flower market in Ukraine and Russia by producer

Diagram 10. Structure of the flower market in Ukraine in the country of delivery in 2008

Diagram 11. Import structure of fresh flowers to Ukraine in 2008 under flowers name

Diagram 12. Dynamics of growth output of cultivated mushrooms in the Ukraine in 2000 - 2009

Diagram 13. Structure of cultivated mushroom production in Ukraine by types of mushrooms

Diagram 14. Tomato market structure in Ukraine in 2008

Diagram 15. Potential domestic market of greenhouse vegetables in Ukraine in 2009, thousand tons

Diagram 16. Average retail price dynamics for tomatoes in 2008 in Ukraine

Diagram 17. Domestic mushroom production potential in Ukraine in 2009, thousand tons

Diagram 18. Domestic production of greenhouse flowers potential, million pieces

Diagram 19. flower crops deficiency in Ukraine in 2008, naming colors, million pieces

Diagram 20. Potential of new greenhouses under construction in Ukraine, ha

Diagram 21. Investment needed for building new greenhouses in Ukraine, million euros

Diagram 22. Areas of new and old winter greenhouses of Ukraine's largest farms, hectare

Diagram 23. Share of the largest vegetable greenhouses of Ukraine in total non-seasonal vegetables, thousand tons

Diagram 24. Share of the largest flower greenhouse plants of Ukraine in the total production of flowers, million units.

Diagram 25. Production dynamics of GIC  Teplichny, 2001 - 2008

Diagram 26. Agrokombinat Pusha-Vodytsya investments in reconstruction and construction of new greenhouses in 2004 - 2009 

Diagram 27. New greenhouse area  Increasing of GIC Krymteplitsa, 2004 - 2009

Diagram 28. Dynamics of greenhouse production manufacture in Krymteplitsy, 1995 – 2008

Diagram 29. Increase in areas of the new and reconstructed greenhouses in total amount of GIC Provesen, 2000 - 2008

Diagram 30. Dynamics of output volume of Umansky greenhouse industrial complex after putting into operation of new greenhouses

Diagram 31. Dynamics of vegetable production in Cherkassky, 2001 - 2008

Diagram 32. Mushroom production growth in Kviti-Service, 1999 - 2009 

Diagram 33. Winter greenhouses areas growth in GIC Camelia, 2004 - 2008

Attachment 1. The biggest greenhouses in Ukraine, their specialization, area and volume of production

Attachment 2. Greenhouses construction potential for investments of in Ukraine 

Attachment 3. Price list for fresh flowers GIC Camellia

Attachment 4. Ukrainian greenhouses contacts 

Attachment 5. Addresses and contact of greenhouses suppliers and partners of Ukraine