Greenhouse business of Russia - 2021: industry results and forecasts for 2023

State, potential and forecasts of Russian greenhouse vegetable production

Greenhouse business of Russia - 2021: industry results and forecasts for 2023
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  • Date: 11.05.2021
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The research company Growth Technology offers the ready-made initiative research "Greenhouse business in Russia-2021. Results of the industry in 2020. Forecasts of vegetable growing development in protected soil in 2021-2023".

Commodity production of vegetables and greens in protected soil together with the farms at the end of all 2020 closely approached to the record mark of 1.5 million tons for the first time in the history of greenhouse vegetable growing in Russia.

Thus the greenhouse branch of Russia develops not only in the direction of extensive increase in volumes of production, but also at the expense of large-scale introduction in manufacture of modern agrotechnologies, the equipment, designs, selection achievements, optimisation of business processes, perfection of presale preparation of production, expansion of geography and marketing channels.

Regular industry research of greenhouse business, conducted by Growth Technology Company, show that even in comparison with 2015-2016, the operated facilities, production processes and technologies in industrial greenhouses have changed dramatically. The main achievement of Russian greenhouse growers should be considered the output of a virtually continuous growing cycle and harvesting period of greenhouse products.

However the huge territory of Russia and essential socio-economic and demographic distinctions between regions cannot not render braking influence on widespread stable development of greenhouse business. The difference in the market parity and the provision of the population with non-seasonal vegetable products in different regions of Russia can be just phenomenal and reach from 100% to 500% at one and the same time. More information about the most distant region of Russia, the Far Eastern District, can be found in the ready-made study "Greenhouse Vegetable Production in the Far East - 2021".

In the initiative research "Greenhouse business in Russia - 2021. Results of the industry in 2020. Forecasts of vegetable growing development in protected soil in 2021-2023" all the changes were analyzed in details in the industry in 2020 and in the 1st quarter of 2021, identified emerging trends and new phenomena gaining strength. The main competitive forces are identified, quantitative and qualitative assessment of major players and new industrial greenhouse projects is given, and industry rankings are compiled. The deficit and surplus of local greenhouse vegetables and greenhouse production capacities in some regions of the country were calculated, the balance of the market and its potential for the main greenhouse crops were determined. The expert forecasts of greenhouse business development for the next 3 years are given, taking into account the ongoing construction of new areas and announced projects.

The detailed contents and examples of sections are presented in the demo-version of the study.

The aim of the research

  • Assess the status of vegetable growing in protected soil in 2020, the characteristics and prospects for greenhouse business in Russia as a whole, and in individual regions, in particular, for the next 3 years,
  • To reveal the largest investors of greenhouse industry, their realized and planned projects, and their influence on the domestic market,
  • To give information on new projects of industrial greenhouses in every Federal District of Russian Federation, and to give expert forecasts of greenhouse business development for the next 3 years.
  • To compare the competitive forces of the main players of the Russian greenhouse market. To calculate the comparative ratings of the leading industrial greenhouses,
  • To calculate the deficit/surplus of the local production of the main vegetable crops of the protected soil on the districts of the Russian Federation,
  • To estimate the potential of the construction of new modern greenhouses for the internal provision of the regions, taking into account the plans of the working enterprises and the declared projects for 2021-2023,
  • To prepare the estimation prognoses of the middle market basic prices for sales of fresh tomatoes and cucumbers by producers of the protected ground in Russia as a whole and in federal districts in particular for 2021-2023,
  • To give general recommendations for forming of a marketing strategy and price policy for new projects and operating enterprises from the point of view of current and forecast balance of supply and demand of greenhouse vegetables market.

Research Subjects

  • Existing industrial greenhouses of vegetable specialization,
  • New industrial vegetable greenhouses in the state of construction and the beginning of operation,
  • Declared projects of industrial greenhouses.

Research period

  • Retrospective analysis for 2010 - 2020,
  • Projections and estimates for 2021 - 2023.

Geography of research

  • Russia in general,
  • Federal districts of the Central Federal District, Northwestern Federal District, Volga Federal District, UFD, Northwestern Federal District, Southern Federal District, Northwestern Federal District, Far Eastern Federal District separately.