Research of competitors and competition level

Сompetitive analysis (or competitive reconnaissance) is intended for gathering actual and trustworthy information about a competition condition in interesting market and results of activity of the business making the goods or services-analogs.

During competitive investigation the data about market structure and its fullness, about suppliers and clients of leading market players, about threshold level in branch and microeconomic working conditions of business is analyzed. Also such characteristics are studied as quantitative and quality indicators of business activity, advertizing, social and competitors activity. Company expets accept in attention not only direct, but also the latent competitors who offer the market the goods/services substitutes or plan manufacture (sale) of similar production.

During research they analyse competitors strong weak sides, their potential and resources, enterprise structure,  personnel and top management, geography of deliveries, interrelations in branch. Especially important direction of competitive ianalysis is revealing of tendencies of development and plans for the future.

Competitive analysis is necessary for definition of business strategy and tactics, aspiring to get on new market, for estimation of its perspectivity. Also it is necessary for acceptance of correct management decisions, statement of busines purposes and tasks for a start and transition period.

Growth Technologies Company makes competitive analysis by legitimate methods of marketing researches and a financial analytics.

Quantitative results received during marketing researches and reflecting market realities, can be used as the initial data for a settlement part of business plans and business projects, in case of acknowledgement of commercial expediency for business to get new market after carrying out of competitive investigation.

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The examples of ready researches made under Company initiative  are resulted in section "Marketing researches for sale".