Price policy development

The price policy of enterprises has the most direct impact on the formed revenue, profitability and profit from sales. How to call the price, so as not to scare away the buyer and stay in the "plus" itself?

As before, price setting in the modern market cannot be based only on production costs. The main indicator of successful pricing policy are active and high margin sales of finished products with details on individual customer segments, seasons, channels, etc.

Working out of a price policy by techniques of Growth Technology company begins with deep studying of the narrow industrial market, the comparative analysis of possible competitors offers, sales opportunities, capacity of the local market, studying of price elasticity of consumer demand and features of the consumer preferences influencing final prices. Seasonal fluctuations are a particularly important factor for fresh products.

Experts of our company regularly collect selling prices of leading domestic commodity producers of greenhouse vegetables, greens, berries, fruits, flowers, and other products. Own databases of Growth Technology company allow to conduct a deep retro analysis of prices and their dynamics, to identify common trends and predict changes in the future, taking into account all the nuances of the Russian economy.

Growth Technology will conduct unique Price Policy for each working enterprise or new project, the main principles of its adjustment depending on market changes will be defined.

To order the development of the Price Policy of your enterprise, please contact our specialists.