Realised Projects

During 15 years, our company has consulting agromarket of Russia. Growth Technology executed hundreds custom-made and initiative projects in the sphere of marketing researchesbusiness planning, budgeting, an assessment of investment risks, creations of systems of marketing and financial planning at the entities, a business process optimization, developments of regulating documents, carrying out advertising and promotion actions, development of corporate sites, a copywriting.

Among the brightest and interesting custom-made and initiative projects executed by specialists Growth Technology, it is possible to note such, as:

Business Planning and Assessment of Investment Risks:
Business-Processes Optimization, Business-Planning and Modelling, Regulations:
  • Development of a single brand concept for consolidation of regional operators SPD and KTV. Budgeting and planning marketing, advertizing and the PR companies on promotion of a single brand in 23 cities of network presence in the Russian Federation;
  • Creation of Regulations of business processes of internal communications in audit company;
  • Development of Models of the Shares directed on increase in growth of sales of Internet access services for the account: involvement of new clients, increase of loyalty existing, expansions of services range, stabilization of subscriber base, focusing on new consumer segments and so forth. Calculations, description, forecasting of commercial result;
  • Creation of Regulations of field information collection on prospective clients and partners for production enterprise;
  • Statement of sales system in forwarding company;
  • Development of motivation system of marketing department in the telecommunication company;
  • Development of motivation system of catering operator commercial department;
  • Statement of pricing system on different types of services in public catering;
  • Regulations Development of carrying out entity's partners (suppliers, distributors, ave.) own forces field survey;
  • Development of the concept, design and content of the expeditionary company corporate site; organization of web resource promotion system;
  • Development of medium-term strategy of innovative construction materials promotion in the Russian market.

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