Customized marketing researches

Kolyma: demand and supply of fresh vegetables, forecasts of changes in sales prices until 2032

Date of issue: November, 2021

Prospects of the Magadan fresh-market for Agro Invest industrial greenhouse project

Sales of fresh tomatoes from "Agrokombinat Sunzha": potential, prices and competition

Date of issue: October, 2021

Marketing justification of commercial policy for the II stage of industrial greenhouse in the Republic of Ingushetia

Price parity and forecasts of sales prices of fresh tomatoes in Moscow

Date of issue: September, 2021

Marketing rationale of the pricing policy for the project of industrial greenhouse Kedr greenhouse complex

Market prospects of open soil vegetable production for Gorkunov Group

Date of issue: September, 2021

Marketing feasibility study of the commercial viability of the project of growing potatoes, carrots, beets, onions and cabbage near Novosibirsk

Khabarovsk region: evaluation of the region's potential for greenhouse construction

Date of issue: July, 2021

Marketing substantiation of commercial feasibility of greenhouse project with forecasts of changes in market capacity, competition and prices

Analytical summary for the Investment Project Kedr Greenhouse Complex

Date of issue: June, 2021

Current changes in the Russian fresh tomato market in 2021

Forecast estimations of changes in the Russian greenhouse vegetable market in 2021-2023

Date of issue: March, 2021

Brief analytical note for Agricultural holding "ECO-culture"

Other works
Технологии роста
Research news

Garlic is a promising crop for Russian vegetable growers

So far, commercial garlic production in Russia is only at a low start


Tomatoes are the most dynamic crop in protected soil

Over 10 years, the gross yield of tomatoes has increased threefold in Russia


The state will return to the Far East greenhouses 20% of capital costs and provide an investment loan at 2%

Potential for greenhouse business development in the Far East


The structure of the vegetable market in Russia is gradually changing

For the first time in 30 years commercial and personal vegetable production are almost equal in 2020


Expenditure on fruit and vegetables ranks second in the consumer basket of Russians

Our compatriots spend more than 20% of all money intended for food

Ready-made marketing researches

9 promising agricultural crops for import substitution in Russia

Estimated volumes and areas of commodity production, suitable regions, export potential of grain legumes, vegetables and other crops

Greenhouse business of Russia - 2021: industry results and forecasts for 2023

State, potential and forecasts of Russian greenhouse vegetable production

Greenhouse vegetable production in the Far East - 2021

Availability of fresh vegetables. Potential and prospects of the industry by the subjects of the Far Eastern Federal District by 2024

Leaf lettuce market of Moscow and St. Petersburg

Deficit and potential lettuce market in Russian capitals in 2018 - 2020, forecasts up to 2023

Greenhouse business of Russia - 2020

State of the industry by results of 2019. Forecasts for 2020-2023

Greenhouse business of Russia - 2018

Conditions of the market, potential and forecasts of development of vegetable growing in the protected soil on the districts of Russia in 2019-2022.

Greenhouse vegetables and greens: features of the supply and demand in Moscow region

Results of trade retail and consumers field surveys in a segment of fresh vegetables and greens

Champignons and oyster mushroom: features of the supply and demand in Moscow and Moscow area

Results of field surveys of trade retail and consumers behavior in a cultivated mushrooms in fresh and processed type segment

Market of fresh apples and pears of Russia – 2016. Figures and facts

Dynamics and prospects of apple and pear production in the Russian Federation. Statistics in slides

New greenhouse projects of Russia – 2016

Off-season vegetables influence on market balance. Investment potential forecast of regions of Russian Federation on vegetable greenhouses construction by 2020.

Greenhouse business of Russia – 2016

Ready-made research of the Russian market of the protected soil vegetables. Production, import, deficit, forecasts of greenhouses construction

Fresh Roses Market of Russia - 2016

The balance of supply and demand, capacity, production, import and the development trends of the flower market

Greenhouse business in the south of Russia

Read-made research of protected soil vegetables in the south of Russian. Production, import, deficit, forecasts of greenhouses construction

Schools of foreign languages in Moscow-2014. Research for sale

The market of foreign languages schools and courses in Moscow-2014. Research for sale

Greenhouse business of Russia – 2014

Read-made research of protected soil vegetables in the Russian market. Production, import, deficit, forecasts of greenhouses construction

Catering business

Reserches and regulations of catering business of Russia

Publications in mass media

Vegetables are harvested in the Urals

Growth Group may buy a competitor in the Chelyabinsk region. Comments of Growth Technology for the newspaper "Kommersant"


Russia has provided itself with cucumbers

But there are still regions that are heavily dependent on imports of any fruit and vegetable products. Growth Technology's comments to Agroinvestor journal


The construction of a greenhouse complex for 2.7 billion rubles will be resumed in Buryatia

Problems with realization of the project were connected with refusals of banks in crediting. The expert opinion of the General Director of Growth Technology


Battle of the tomatoes

Tomatoes from Azerbaijan will return to shops. Growth Technology's comments for Rossiyskaya Gazeta


"Eco-Culture" is building a greenhouse complex in Tula region

The cost of two queues will amount to almost 16 billion rubles. Comments from Growth Technology


A plant for production of frozen vegetables and berries will be launched in Lipetsk region

The enterprise worth 1.6 billion rubles will produce 100 thousand tons of products per year. Expert opinion of "Growth Technology" for "Agroinvestor" magazine


Experts expect the berry harvest to decline in 2020

Comments by the General Director of Growth Technology for RIA News


A large grain producer has laid down a super-intensive garden on Don

Growth Technology" comments for news agency "Expert"


The greenhouse project has moved to heat

LLC "PMT" will build a greenhouse complex with an area of 11.7 hectares by 2021. Growth Technology" comments for the Rostov business portal "City N"


"Green" walked through "Rosa"

The property of the bankrupt agrocomplex was given to the new owner. Comments of Growth Technology company for Kommersant newspaper

Технологии роста