Growth of greenhouse branch advances domestic agrarian and industrial complex by 3 times

Russian potential investors are attracted by vegetable growing in the protected soil most of all

Return of the Turkish tomatoes to the Russian Federation: three conditions

How many tomatoes are necessary for Russia

The flower market of Russia gradually decreases

Income per capita decreasing influence the reducing of flowers market

Russia increases export of fresh tomatoes and cucumbers

Export of greenhouse vegetable group from the Russian Federation in 1 half-year grew by 70%

Webinar "Industrial Greenhouses Boom in Russia"

"Growth Technology" company has told about the prospects of greenhouse business

The ban on import of the Turkish tomatoes will remain till 2020

Warming of the Russian-Turkish relations hasn't affected a "tomato" question

The Russian Federation loses billions of dollars because of processing enterprises deficit

Results of trade audits in network shops of the country

Consumer preferences in a segment of fresh vegetables, greens, salads and mushrooms

The report of "Growth Technology" company at the international Forum "OvoshchKult"

Gross collection of vegetables in industrial greenhouses of Russia grew by 9% for last year

South greenhouses showed the best results

Russian gardeners gathered 7% more fruits and berries in 2016

Consumption of fresh fruit in the Russian Federation decreases


In 10 years of our company's work, specialists of "Growth Technology" executed hundreds of projects in the sphere of marketing researches, forecast modeling and analytics of the markets.


The strongest activity of the company is preparation of marketing reasons and calculation of commercial feasibility of investment projects. They are necessary for the credit organizations and investors at a decision making stage about investment, for a risks investments assessment and determination of new projects competitiveness in market conditions. Only for the last 3,5 years, from January, 2012 to June, 2015, we carried out many researches and submitted to credit committees of Sberbank, Rosselkhozbank, Vnesheconombank and other banking organizations, marketing reasons for 73 large projects, on total investment over 125 billion rubles.

Regional structure of the executed projects

The geography of business projects implementation which received marketing reasons from analysts of our company covers all Russia.


"Growth Technology" has deserved reputation of the independent company performing research works at the high professional level. Every the marketing reasons for commercial feasibility of business projects prepared by us, without exception, go through testing and coordination of the credit organizations from the first time.

Except the individual custom-made projects, "Growth Technology" pays attention to initiative marketing researches. These reports help to understand specifics of the interesting markets and industries, to choose the most perspective and close directions for development.


Business planning, assessment of investment risks, creation of marketing and financial planning systems at the entities, a business process optimization, development of the regulating documents, creation and promotion of the corporate sites, a copywriting became other activities of the company in the Russian market of consulting services.





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