Financial and economic calculations for a leaf lettuce greenhouse

The farmer's Lettuce greenhouse's business-model

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Analysts of the company "Growth Technology Company" have developed the new report on industry of the protected ground: "Financial and economic calculations for a leaf lettuce greenhouse the area of 1000 sq. m".


The given financial and economic calculations will be useful to potential organizers and-or investors of greenhouse business on cultivation green cultures and leaf lettuce, and also to suppliers of the greenhouse equipment, designs and expendable materials to work of lettuce greenhouses.


In the Report there are detailed calculations of all aspects of the equipment matching, its technical and consumer properties, and also quantities, from the point of view of investment costs optimization at the warranted reception of the set volume of finished product are resulted.


Also there are financial and economic indicators of designed business by which it is necessary to be guided to the organizer of the enterprise are in detail counted and described, the basic risks of greenhouse cultivation of leaf lettuces  are revealed and sensitivity of the project to these risks is calculated.


Calculations are based on the quantitative and qualitative results of researches of the greenhouse industry which have been conducted by our company in 2007 – 2012.


"Financial and economic calculations for a leaf lettuce greenhouse" it is possible to look at the Demo in Russia, and the detailed maintenance of the document on report page.


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