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Organizational Design

Organizational structure of any enterprise is determined by its goals and objectives.


To create an effective company it needs a quality set of differentiation of tasks and links between the departments, divisions, departments and within departments.


Organizational structure can not be a constant value, it varies with the growth of the business itself and change its market priorities. Often acting company structure differs significantly from the formal one, which leads to disagreements and conflicts between departments, the emergence of "failures" in the whole chain of responsibility and, consequently, reduce the effectiveness of economic business activity.


To carry out optimization of workingenterprise organizational structure it is often useful to "external view". In addition, by practice if previously the company's management and employees are not engaged in a global or regular optimization of the organizational structure it is too difficult to get full-fledged result in optimization.


First of all external audit of existing organizational structures of business will identify the most bottlenecks, leading to a breach of logic in the enterprise.


One important outcome of  organizational structure optimizing is to free top management from doing routine work by reasonable delegation of authority to other specialists.


The process of organizational structure optimizing consists of several basic steps:

  • gather information and description of the current structure and functions of the company,

  • description of current business processes and systems interactions within the company,

  • identification business processes and systems that are optimally suited to achieve therelevant objectives and tasks of the enterprise,

  •  establishment and description of the actual system of enterprise management.

Examples of enterprise organizational structure optimization can be found in the section "Regulations and business processes for sale".

To order a design or optimization of your business organizational structure,please contact us by phone and e-mail.



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