Consumer prices of tomatoes and cucumbers remained at the level of last year's

Operational data of government statistics

Forum "Orchards of Russia. Investments, innovations and technologies"

Specialists of "Growth Technology" made reports on the current situation, projects and tendencies of industrial gardening

«MACFRUIT 2018 – Fruit and Veg Professional Show» in Rimini, Italy

Leading experts of "Growth Technology" attended the international exhibition of fruit, vegetables and berries

Russian market of fresh vegetables: division on mass and a premium segments accelerates

Consumer preferences influence the producers' vegetable assortment

Import of fresh vegetables to Russia rises up

Volumes of potatoes' import have increased almost by 3 times for last year

Growth of greenhouse branch advances domestic agrarian and industrial complex by 3 times

Russian potential investors are attracted by vegetable growing in the protected soil most of all

Return of the Turkish tomatoes to the Russian Federation: three conditions

How many tomatoes are necessary for Russia

Consumer preferences in a segment of fresh vegetables, greens, salads and mushrooms


On April 04, 2017 the CEO of "Growth Technology" research company speaks at the international Forum "OvoshchKult".


The survey results of Muscovites and residents of Moscow area which are carried out at the beginning of this year, lighting features of consumer behavior in a segment of fresh vegetables, greens and mushrooms became a subject of the report.


What types of greenhouse vegetables group are preferred by Muscovites? What hybrids of tomatoes and cucumbers are the most demanded? How it is frequent and where inhabitants of Moscow region buy vegetables and greens during a winter and spring season? What promotes increase in demand for fresh mushrooms and vegetables? How to draw attention of customers to vegetable and mushroom production?


Answers to these and many other questions, could be found in the report at the Forum and in the researches "Growth Technology": "Champignons and oyster mushroom: features of the supply and demand in Moscow and Moscow area", "Greenhouse business of Russia - 2016".



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