Consumer prices of tomatoes and cucumbers remained at the level of last year's

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The Russian Federation loses billions of dollars because of processing enterprises deficit


Deep conversion of agricultural industry production – is one of the imminent problem. Results of trade audits which are regularly processed by specialists of "Growth Technology" in network shops of different Russian regions show that at least 60% of canned vegetable, mushroom and fruit "are made in China", another 20% - in EU countries and the CIS. The markets of preservation on amounts of consumption are comparable to the markets of fresh vegetables, mushrooms and fruit.


Now in the Russian Federation the conversion sector is in embryo level, however, it belongs not only to vegetable production, and even not only to agricultural production in general. Russia annually loses billions of dollars because of raw materials sales and import of finished goods in all industries of economy.


Interest of domestic investors to the processing entities only wakes up. For example there are already several projects of the large plants of tomato paste in the Southern and North Caucasian districts. Large-scale gardening enterprises in Krasnodar area, Stavropol area, the Lipetsk region began to build processing industries.


In more detail about features of the consumer demand on mushrooms and sales proposition in retail of Moscow it is possible to learn from the report "Champignons and an oyster mushroom: features of the supply and demand in Moscow and Moscow area".


The condition and the directions of market development of fresh fruit are provided in the report "The market of fresh apples and pears in Russia - 2016 in figures and the facts".



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