Imports of sweet peppers to Siberia are growing rapidly

In 2019, the Irkutsk region received 7.6 thousand tons of pepper from abroad

Gross harvest in protected ground exceeded 1.3 million tons of vegetables and greenery in 2019

Yields at Russian greenhouse plants have increased 2.4 times in the last 20 years

The coronovirus revealed the absolute dependence of the Far East on imports of fresh vegetables and greenery

Far Eastern grosseries filled with Chinese imports at least 10 months of the year are 90% - 95%

Russian Agracultural Bank became the main creditor of vegetable growing in protected soil

Thanks to this bank, 14 greenhouse projects were launched for a total of 51.2 billion rubles in loans in 2019

Greenhouse industry - the trend for consolidation is increasing.

Production consolidation and centralization of management and sales leads to scaling up of successful business

Intensive orchards will provide 20 kg of dessert apples to each Russian by 2025

For the last 10 years the volume of consumption of fresh fruit and berries in Russia increased by 1.2 times

Mashroom farms increase production of champignons and an oyster mushroom

The production from Russian mashroom farms is successfully force out foreign import

"TTR" began project implementation near Tambov

"Tekhnologii teplichnogo rosta" managing company of Sergey Rukin started project of implementation on a construction of a greenhouse complex in the Tambov region a total cost more than 28 billion rubles, reported "Abireg" with reference to regional administration. As the head of department of Tambov region agricultural industry Alexander Aksenov specified Agroinvestor, the first stage provides construction of 30 hectares of greenhouses, it is supposed to finish a construction to the middle of 2019.


"TTR" has many large-scale plans in a number of regions, thus are submitted that only two are realized so far — "TyumenAgro" in the Tyumen region (16 hectares) and "Lukhovitsky vegetables" in Moscow area (12 hectares), the CEO of the consulting company "Growth Technology" Tamara Reshetnikova states. "TTR can't still start "Donskaya usadba" in the Rostov region (the construction of a greenhouse complex of 14,6 hectares was begun in 2016 — Agroinvestor). Therefore as far as plans of the company are implemented, time will show. It is also necessary to consider that in 2021 probably there will be no such state support which is now (compensation of a part of direct costs and on soft credits)" — Reshetnikova commented on "Agroinvestor".


Besides, the gradual market saturation will entail decrease in profitability for producers. As earlier Alexander Tkachyov heading the Ministry of Agriculture noted, deficit of greenhouse vegetables will be closed for 90% in the next two-three years. "Nevertheless, a lot of things will depend on the region and the product. As for cucumbers, the market is really close to saturation, but, for example, in the Far East 80% of nonseasonal vegetables are the share of China. Besides, approach to saturation will promote decrease in retail prices that, in turn, will lead to increase in demand" — Reshetnikova added.


Author of article: Ekaterina Dyatlovskaya
The complete text of article it is possible in June release of 2018 of Agroinvestor magazine.



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