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Vegetable and Potato Import Drops by 15% in 2016

According to the "Growth Technology" forecast, import of vegetables and potatoes will decrease no less than by 15% in the volume terms by the end of this year. Import has been falling down since the agricultural products embargo was imposed in 2014. Last year potato import declined by 75 thousand tons (798,6 thousand tons), tomato deliveries were reduced approximately by 180 thousand tons (up to 697,2 thousand tons), cucumber import fell by almost one third (up to 180,5 thousand tons).

In general greenhouse products import has lowered by 25% in volume terms for the last two years while domestic production has increased by only 16%, Tamara Reshetnikova, the general director of "Growth Technology " sais. Despite new forms of greenhouse industry state support and real subsidy payments, the surplus of protected soil products gross yield equaled only 3% for the last year, she adds.

At the same time Russia has been raising vegetable export since last year. According to association «Greenhouses of Russia», in 2015 potato export increased fourfold up to 164,3 thousand tons in comparison to the indicator in 2014. The main importers are Ukraine (more than 100 thousand tons, according to FCS) and Azerbaijan (about 40 thousand tons). Domestic tomato deliveries have grown up by 70 times: from 233 tons to 14 thousand tons. There is also an increase in the sales of cabbage, carrots, cucumbers and other vegetables, legumes, frozen and tinned production to the foreign countries. Experts of association don't exclude that the tendency is quite possible to remain in 2016

Author of the article: Inna Ganenko
The whole text is available in the "Agroinvestor" magazine, august 2016



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