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Deficiency of internal production of fresh vegetables in Russia above the current opportunities domestic producers. As results of Growth Technologies' researches, especially sharply shortage of own production is shown in a segment of greenhouse vegetables and greens during inter-season period.


The growing consumer demand of Russians for "fresh" in a cold season conducts products to growth of the import deliveries to the Russian Federation of tomatoes, cucumbers, eggplants, pepper, berries, salads and greens from the most different countries. Today the fresh vegetables which have been grown up in far greenhouses abroad, even more often appear in the daily menu Russians. But how safe are they for consumption?


Analysts of Growth Technologies are engaged for many years in researches in the branch of fresh vegetables in Russia, including the protected soil. Our company carries regularly out the analysis of supply and demand greenhouse production in the most different regions of the Russian Federation. In April, 2014 Growth Technologies organized carrying out examinations of fresh tomatoes and cucumbers of an import origin at the Russian institute of the consumer tests (RIPI).


For tests in usual grocery network shops of Moscow and area parties of the fresh were bought tomatoes and the cucumbers which have been grown up in Spain, the Netherlands and Turkey.


Check in the certified RIPI laboratories of import fresh vegetables safety on the contents of nitrates, arsenic, radionuclides, GMO and pesticides it showed that 80% of studied production are dangerous to application. All checked tomatoes (three samples) are polluted by the pesticides, one sample of cucumbers includes pesticides and nitrates. Check according to the expanded list of pesticides (69 names) revealed existence of residual amounts of 8 pesticides: one forbidden and seven independent to to application for these cultures.


It is obvious that results of this experiment aren't accident. Deliveries of import to Russia, despite periodic returns of substandard vegetable production to the import countries with Rospotrebnadzor parties, as a whole aren't exposed to system control and checks. Main problems are:


1 . Control of pesticides in vegetable production is absent. The control scheme applied in Russia when only 2 pesticides are subject to obligatory check, and about the others has to to inform the producer (supplier) of production — is inefficient. Producers (suppliers) don't give this information (sometimes without knowing what contains in their production, as don't conduct similar researches), thereby they violate requirements of the technical

regulations of the Customs union "About safety of food products" regarding the sanitary epidemiological surveillance.


2 . Vulnerability of the consumer due to the lack of guarantees. The consumer isn't informed and it is necessary on statements of producers for ecological purity of the products, but similar statements shall be not only   confirmed, but also should be checked in a systematic nature.


3 . The laboratory base isn't ready to perform broad check of pesticides content because of an identification problem – absence of net substances (standard samples of pesticides), techniques and the equipment.


All details of results of import vegetables examination are provided on RIPI site.

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